About Alumni Association

Alumni play a vital role in the life and success of a college and their involvement contributes to its reputation, financial stability, and overall sense of community. They are integral stakeholders in the college community contributing to its success through their advocacy, support, expertise, and continuous engagement. A strong relationship with alumni is beneficial to both the college and its graduates. Key roles that alumni fulfill are:

1) Mentor and Career advisor: Through valuable mentorship, guidance, and career advice to current students and recent graduates, they share their experiences, insights, and networks to help students navigate their academic and professional journeys.

2) Brand Ambassadors: Alumni serve as our ambassadors promoting the college’s reputation, and achievements within their professional and personal networks. Positive word of mouth from satisfied alumni can enhance the college’s credibility and attract prospective students, faculty, and donors.

3) Networking Opportunities: Alumni networks offer valuable opportunities for students and recent graduates. Alumni events, reunions, and online platforms facilitate connections, collaborations, and professional opportunities, allowing individuals to expand their networks, access resources, and advance their careers.

4) Philanthropic Support: Alumni contributions improve the financial health and sustainability of the institution. Their donations in cash or in kind will support scholarships, academic infrastructure, research initiatives, campus infrastructure, and other college priorities, enhancing the educational experience for current and future students.

5) Lifelong Learning and Engagement: Alumni engagement extends beyond graduation, providing opportunities for lifelong learning, personal growth, and continuous involvement with the college. Alumni members may participate in ongoing programs, and attend lectures, workshops, or cultural events organized in the college.

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