Green & Clean Campus

An educational institution, besides being a learning-centre, is a self-contained community that is supported by a vast number of operational functions. Green campus where environmentally friendly practices are adopted for the sustainable development is one of them. Green campus concepts that needs to be part & parcel of our day today life include environment-friendly developmental activities, prohibiting activities that results in degradation of environment. By adopting environment friendly practices and initiating measures that can keep our campus clean & green we can protect our campus as well as environment from degradation.

Green campus initiatives require minimum waste production, environment friendly waste disposal system, efficient garbage collection, promoting of garden plantation, use of energy-efficient equipment and adoption of energy efficient technologies. Clean and green campus is not just about sweeping away wasteful things it is about adopting green and clean practices and implementing them to produce desired output.

Hygienic-standards and associated aesthetic values in campus has been one of the best practices of the college since inception. The college has an open space around its main building and plantation around it is maintained with utmost care by NSS and green campus volunteers. Plants and flower-pots that surround the open space add beauty and peace to the open space. Cleanness and hygienic conditions are strictly maintained in classrooms, corridors, laboratories, and washrooms of the college. Littering is strictly prohibited in the campus.

Waste bins are installed at appropriate places throughout the campus. The collected waste is duly disposed-off to keep the campus green and clean. Our campus is not just about teaching & learning – it's also about taking care of the planet (Earth) by keeping it neat and clean. It's something we're proud of, and we all work together to make it happen! In addition to this, our college is working on some innovative ways to keep our campus eco-friendly. By promoting energy efficient devices and recyclable products our college is playing a leading role in spreading awareness among the students and other communities. The college intends to be a leader in protecting the environment and ensuring that everyone knows it why it's important. At our college, green-campus is not just a word – it's a way of making it sure that we take care of our planet and keep our campus a beautiful place full of happiness.

Clean and Green Campus Initiatives
The college is maintaining its campus clean and green by adopting the following practices:

Landscaping with trees and plants:
College has been encouraging students as well as employees of the college to participate in off-campus as well as in campus plantation activities organised by the college or some other organisation. NSS and Green Campus volunteers have been planting various types of flowers and plant-species within the campus. A combination of plants and flower-pots along the boundary wall of the campus enhances the beauty of the open space.

Ban of single use plastic:
Municipal Post Graduating College is a plastic-free campus where there is a ban on usage of single-use-plastics in classrooms, laboratories, offices and other premises of the college. Usage of environment friendly substitute like stainless steel, washable and reusable tumblers at all water units and paper plates, paper glasses and paper cups at canteen are encouraged to systematically ban the usage of single-use-plastics in the campus

Water management:
The water for all purposes is supplied through a set of distribution pipes. The water from municipal water supply is pumped into the storage tanks kept at elevated places. Water from elevated reservoirs is then dispensed to various points of usage through well-laid pipe network.

Environmental education:
College has integrated environmental-education into the curriculum through a value added course to educate students about environment friendly sustainable development practices. College is actively involved in encouraging students as well as employees of the college to participate in programmes, events, workshops, seminars focused on environmental issues and conservation.

Cleanliness of campus:
There are couple of employees whose full-time duty is to keep the campus clean, Classrooms, laboratories, offices, corridors, washrooms, toilets are cleaned regularly. Sweeping and mopping are two regular-cleaning methods adopted in the college Portable water tanks and other water storage tanks are cleaned regularly.