Management Committee

The management committee of the college plays a pivotal role in steering the course of the college towards excellence and sustainability. Comprising of experienced individuals and academicians from diverse backgrounds, the committee serves as the guiding force behind strategic decision-making, policy formulation, and resource allocation within the institution. By setting clear goals and objectives, the management committee provides a cohesive vision that aligns with the college's mission and values. It fosters a culture of transparency and accountability in governance, ensuring that all stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, and the broader community, remain engaged and informed. Through effective leadership and collaborative efforts, it plays an instrumental role in nurturing a conducive learning environment that empowers students to thrive academically, intellectually, and personally. The president of Nagar Palika Parishad Mussoorie is the constitutional head of the management committee.

List of names of chairpersons of the management committees since the establishment of the college:

S.No Name Period
1 Shri Jagannath Sharma 1063- 1964
2 Miss Satya Sud 1965- 1966
3 Shri Hukum Singh Panwar 1967- 1971
4 Shri Bhola singh Rawat 1971- 1976
5 Administrators 1976- 1988
6 Shri Jot Singh 1988- 1994
7 Administrators 1994- 1997
8 Shri Jot Singh 1997- 2002
9 Administrators 2000- 2003
10 Shri Manmohan Singh Malla 2003- 2008
11 Shri O.P. Uniyal 2008- 2013
12 Shri Manmohan Singh Malla 2013- 2018
13 Shri Anuj Gupta 2018

Shri Hukum Singh Panwar

Shri Bhola S.Rawat

Shri Jot Singh Gunsola

Shri ,Manmohan S.Mall

Shri O.P.Uniyal

Shri Anuj Gupta

Current Management (2023-)

President: Dr. Deepak Saini
1. Prof. Dr. Anil Chauhan
2. Dr. Amitabh Bhatt
3. Dr. Ruchi Badoni Semwal
4. Sri Rakesh Kaintura
5. Prof Dr. A.S. Uniyal