About Founders

An ardent need was felt in the verdurous ambience of this hill station for an institution that could facilitate and foster higher education to young scholars of the city. In early 1960s, Mr. Jagannath Sharma, an eminent scholar of the town envisioned a noble idea to create a center of higher studies that would provide quality education to young scholars of this vibrant town.

This noble idea was the dream of Mr. Jagannath Sharma connoisseur and philanthropist- the actuator, founder and architect of the college, who in 1963 envisaged this center, propelled his vision conscientiously forward and had his in-depth thoughts with arduous efforts and devotion culminating into this prestigious college of higher education- Municipal Post Graduate College, a prodigious uphill task no doubt but very sagaciously carried forward till accomplished, by our venerable proponent.

– Founder Shri Jagannath Sharma
M.A, LLB- 1963-1964