Mussoorie is a mere 35 km uphill, north of Dehradun -the Capital of Uttarakhand, a good 2005mtrs (6578 feet) above sea level, nestled and ensconced amidst snowy mountain peaks of distant Himalayas, a grandiose haven for the English, who held a penchant for, and were in awe of the rampant, resplendent, nascent beauty of the mountainous belt and tract around the 1820s. It has been the pride of the state and of the entire nation, boasting of a multitude of excellent learning schools from times immemorable. Schooling at hill station Mussoorie was widely acclaimed for and vociferously adjudged the best, an envious and prestigious status symbol and a feather in-cap for the elite of the nation. Its boarding schools were par excellence, exemplary and imperial.

The kaleidoscopic ambience of the Queen of Hills- Mussoorie marks the institution as a cynosure not because of its ethereal, fresh, radiant vicinity engulfed and encompassed in a peripheral gossamer of mist but also because it aptly is the only college of a post graduate level in and around the area, accentuated by a glorious and glowing pristine literarati.

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MPG College is enroute to Mussoorie from Dehradun, a mere hour-long, 33 km. drive by car or bus and a mere 2 km before the actual town of Mussoorie -situated at Kincraig - a landmark which diverts the main route for the two east and west destination posts of Mussoorie ie Gandhi Chawk and Picture Palace respectively. These, incidentally, are the two bus stands of Mussoorie with the very famous Mall Road of Mussoorie running a length of 2 km between the two bus stops.

– MPG College Mussoorie