Research has underscored the multifaceted benefits of sports engagement, particularly among young athletes. Notably, sports serve as a conduit for connecting aspiring players with positive adult role models and fostering mentorship relationships that extend beyond the confines of the game. Moreover, participation in sports facilitates the acquisition and practical application of essential life skills, equipping individuals with valuable tools for navigating real-world challenges.

Beyond personal development, the societal impact of sports cannot be overstated. Studies suggest that sports programming holds promise as an effective strategy for crime reduction and the mitigation of violent extremism, offering constructive avenues for channeling energy and building positive social networks. Through structured athletic endeavors, individuals experience a boost in self-esteem, forge enduring social bonds, and derive a sense of purpose from their contributions to team dynamics and shared goals.

Guided by the principles outlined by the Global Association of International Sports Federations, our approach to sports at Municipal Post Graduate College Mussoorie emphasizes integrity and inclusivity. According to these guidelines, sports should embody a spirit of healthy competition while ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants, including both human and non-human entities. Furthermore, sports programs should prioritize diversity and accessibility by avoiding reliance on equipment monopolies and refraining from incorporating chance-based elements that could undermine the integrity of the sport.

In light of these principles, the enthusiasm for sports among the students of our college is palpable, manifested through their active involvement in a diverse array of athletic pursuits. Their dedication and commitment have yielded commendable results, with numerous students distinguishing themselves through exemplary performances in various sporting disciplines. While acknowledging the vast array of sports available globally, our institution places particular emphasis on the following disciplines:

1. Football: Fostering teamwork and strategic thinking on the field.
2. Cricket: Cultivating discipline and sportsmanship in a beloved national pastime.
3. Basketball: Promoting agility, coordination, and camaraderie through fast-paced gameplay.
4. Athletics: Celebrating individual achievement and physical prowess across a range of track and field events.
5. Badminton: Honing reflexes and precision in a dynamic racket sport.
6. Table Tennis: Sharpening reflexes and promoting friendly competition in a fast-paced indoor game.
7. Shot Put
8. Boxing
9. Kabaddi
10. Discus Throw

Through these sporting endeavors, our students not only hone their athletic abilities but also cultivate a holistic appreciation for the transformative power of sports in fostering personal growth, community cohesion, and societal resilience.

Description of various sports activities
Sports Activities (2019-2020)

Name of competition: First Open Kabaddi Competition
Organizers: Municipal Post Graduate College Mussoorie, Distt.-Dehradun, U.K
Date of competition : 6th – 7th November 2019
Venue of the game: Municipal Post Graduate College, Mussoorie
Participating Teams: 1. Jaunpur Student Organization
2. Dynamite Banogi
3. Aathjula A
4. Kempty Boys
5. Sarthali
6. Aathjula
7. Young Star
8. GIC Garkhet
9. Municipal Post Graduate College
Winner Team: Dynamite Banogi
Name of competition: Inter College Sports Competition “For North Zone Games”
Selection for: H.N.B.Garhwal University Srinagar
Date of competition : 6th – 7th November 2019
Venue of the game: Municipal Post Graduate College Mussoorie
Selected students : 1. Sanjeet Sajwan (B.A)
2. Rahul Kandari (B.A)
Playing the game: Cricket

In the inter-college sports competitions organized under Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, the college teams have displayed great talent in the basketball, women's, men's, cricket, boxing, and athletics competitions. Notably, the college cricket team has shown excellent performance. The journey to the semi-finals has been covered by becoming the first.Two students Sanjeet Sajwan of B.A first semester and Rahul Kandari of B. A. third-semester semester have been selected for the cricket team of HNB Garhwal University for the North Zone Games Budding student cricketer Sanjeet Sajwan has been included in the Shivirabhyas practice camp organized for the Ranji Trophy.
Name of competition: Inter College Sports Competition
Title earned: Excellent Athlete
Date of competition : 6th – 7th November 2019
Venue of the game: Municipal Post Graduate College Mussoorie
Selected students: Adeesh Ghildiyal
Prize Won: Gold medal (In Shot Put and Discus Throw)
The college athletics men's team has successfully participated in the inter-college competition. Athlete Adeesh Ghildiyal has performed excellently in the competition and has got booked his name in “Excellent Athletes”. He won the gold medal by getting first place in the Shot Put and Discus Throw competition. He has thrown the Shot Put to a record of 16.80 meters in the shot put competition and is eligible for the national competition to be held in Mangalore, Karnataka. The college is proud to have such a talented sportsman.

Sports Activities (2020-2021)

Due to the declaration of Corona period in the session (2020-21), no sports-related activities were organized at the college and university levels.

Sports Activities (2021-2022)

Again, due to corona-period, no sports-related activities were organized at the college and university levels in the session (2021-22).

Sports Activities (2022-2023)

The inter-college competition was organized under H.N.B. Garhwal Central University, Srinagar in (2022-2023).

Total Gold medals won in the year: 05
Total Silver medals won in the year: 01

There has been successful participation by the college teams in Football Men’s, Volleyball Men, Boxing Men and Athletics Men and it is especially noteworthy that in this sports season, the budding players of the college have performed phenomenally in the university level competition, winning five Gold and one Silver medal. They have made the college and the city of Mussoorie proud. It is noteworthy that for the first time in the history of the college, golden success was achieved in sports.

In the boxing competition, MPG College Mussoorie student Sagar Singh, M.Com Semester I won a gold medal, and Mayank, M.Com, I Semester won a Silver Medal.

Student Mayank M.Com Semester one has won a silver medal. Pankaj Singh Khatri, a runner student in the Third Semester, has won three consecutive gold medals in the athletics competitions in half Marathon, Marathon, and Cross Country Competition.

The college has been made proud by winning the Gold Medal in Shot Put by student Adheesh Ghildiyal Semester 3rd BA and the Bronze Medal in Discus Throw by student Riyansh Ghildiyal BA, Semester I. Runner Pankaj Khatri has participated in the All India Inter School Competition in Bengaluru as a representative of the University team. Boxer Sagar Singh has been selected and participated in North Zone as a member of the university team. Adhish Ghildiyal joined the university team and participated in the North Zone tournament held in Mysore, Karnataka. He participated in the National level competition in the “Khelo India Khelo” Games held in Lucknow and made the university and college proud by securing fifth place. Overall, the sports season (2022-2023) will be unforgettable in the sports history of the college.

Sports Activities (2023-2024)

In the sports season 2023-24, the men's and women's boxing teams of the college have excelled in the inter-college competition. College student Oshin Pantha (B.A. Semester-I) has won the gold medal in her category in the women's boxing competition. She will be selected for the university team and will compete in the North Zone competition. Similarly, Sagar Singh, a student of the college, M.Com. (Third –semester) has won the gold medal in the competition in the heavyweight category and Paswan, a student of M.Com.(IIIrd-semester) has won the silver medal in the competition. Akshay, a student of BA (First- Semester) has won the competition in his category and received a Gold medal.

Gold medal winners in the year (2023-2024):

S.no Name of student No. of Medals Medal Type Name of Game
1 Oshin Pantha 01 Gold Boxing
2 Sagar Singh 01 Gold Heavyweight
3 Akshay 01 Gold Heavyweight
4 Paswan 01 Silver Heavyweight