Election Panel

Alumni Meet (2022-23)

Election is a mechanism by which people can choose their representatives at regular intervals and change them whenever they want. It is in important component of a democratic system. Elections are held at all levels. Elections in colleges/universities in which students cast their votes to elect their representatives are called student union elections. Student union election is an excellent example of a democratic system at college level. Through their union elections students studying in higher educational institution/colleges get the opportunity to learn election-process and develop a sense of democracy in real practical terms. Experience in election-processes and knowledge of democratic rules make them a responsible citizen of the society.

Student union election of Municipal Post Graduate College is held every year soon after the admission process is over. This election has become an entry point to many students of the college into politics of the states. Sh. Jot Singh Gunsola, MLA and former minister of state Uttarakhand, Sh. Manmohan Singh Mall, former Municipality Chairman, and Sh. Anuj Gupta, current Municipality Chairman are some of the prominent names who have been office bearers of student- union of the college in past.

Office bearers of past Student-Unions of the college

Student Union (2018-19)
President: Mr. Ravindra Rawat
Vice-Preident: Km. Priyanka
General Secretary: Mr. Kapil Singh
Secretary: Preeti Bisht
Treasurer: Himani Rawat
University Representative: Ramesh Bhandari

Student Union (2019-20)
President: Mr. Prince
Vice-Preident: Km. Rakhi Rangarh
General Secretary: Mr. Anil
Secretary: Km. Pooja Negi
Treasurer: : Km. Meghna Singh
University Representative: Mr. .Amit Panwar

Student Union (2020-21)
This academic year no elections
were held due to covid-19

Student Union (2020-21)
This academic year no elections
were held due to covid-19

Student Union (2022-23)
President: Mr. Pritam Lal
Vice-Preident: Mr. Saurabh Singh
General Secretary: : Mr. Rajit Rawat
Secretary: Km. Sheela
Treasurer: : Km. Anjali
University Representative: Mr. Mohan

Student Union (2023-24)
President: Km. Reena Rawat
Vice-Preident: Mr. Anil
General Secretary: : Mr. Rajit Rawat
Secretary: Mr. Himanshu Uniyal
Treasurer: : : Km. Rinki Shah
University Representative: : Mr. Ayush