About R.T.I. Act

Rright to information (RTI) is the fundamental right of every citizen under Article 19(1) of the Indian constitution. This act is a result of a case of Raj Narain vs. the State of Uttar Pradesh in 1976 in which Supreme Court ruled that Right to Information will be made a fundamental right under Article 19. The Supreme Court held that people of democratic India are the masters and they reserve the right to know about working of the government.Thus RTI Act-2005 was passed by Parliament of India on 15thJune 2005 and came into effect on 12thOctober 2005. This act sets out certain rules regarding citizens' right to information. Under the provisions of this Act, any citizen of India may request information from a "public authority" (a government body) which is required to reply expeditiously or within 30-days. The Act extends to the whole of India and covers all the constitutional authorities, including executive, legislature and judiciary; any institution established or constituted by an act of Parliament or a state legislature.

Objective of the Act:

1. To empower citizens to question the government/ government- bodies.

2. The Act aims to promote transparency and accountability in working of the government bodies.

3. The Act will helps citizens to contain corruption in government departments and provide the people with efficient government machinery.

4. The Act envisions having/ building more-informed citizens who would keep necessary vigil on functioning of the government machinery.

5. The Act empowers the people to question the secrecy and abuse of power practiced in governance.

Municipal Post Graduate College, Mussoorie and its various committees constituted for a smooth functioning of the college are aware of RTI Act-2005 and abide by its rules and regulations under the section 4(1) (b) in every aspect. Any citizen of India can seek any information from the college and college will provide it expeditiously within the stipulated time under the Act.

Any individuals seeking information from Municipal Post graduate College, Mussoorie can download the application-form from the website (download-link is provided on the webpage) or obtain it from the college-office during working hours. Completely filled-in application along with a demand draft/ postal order of Rs.10/- has to be submitted in college-office during the working hours to obtain any information from the college. The demand draft/ postal order of Rs.10/- should be in the name of “Principal Municipal Post Graduate College, Mussoorie” and drawn at Mussoorie. Applications that are incomplete or without requisite fee will not be considered at any cost.

College has an active website (www.mpgcollge.co.in) and most information sought under RTI Act may also be obtained from the college website.

Public Information Officers of the College:

Name Designation Contact Number E-mail
Prof. Anil Chauhan Principal 9650725719 principalmpgcollege@gmail.com
Mrs. Manisha Sharma Clerical staff 8755104441 mpg.college@yahoo.com
Dr. Shalini Gupta Associate Prof. 9412105808 drshalinigupta@gmail.com